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Alive nations never forget their heritage and historical background, for the recording of the history of the back ground of historical mosque, with show them with historical evidence, Hazrat Maulana Tanveerul Haq Thanvi has paid his full cooperation, though the handling of the heritage of Hazrat Maulana Khateeb-i-Pakistan Ehtishamul Haq Thanvi is the acceptance of his 32 years.

It would not be wronged that his efforts and struggles, spirit and interest made himself a heritage of Hazrat Maulana Ehtishamul Haq Thanvi (RA).This heritage can not flourished by the other descendents. It is prayer to Almighty Allah Paak that some one come forward from the descendent of Tanveerul Haq Thanvi and  keep his personality perseverance. (Ameen) and this chain may continue forever.

8 days earlier to the existence of Pakistan in 1947, Maulana Ehtishamul Haq Thanvi (Ra) reached Karachi with the High officials of the Govt. of India in a special train from Delhi and came to Jacob Line in 1947 and settled there with the cooperation of their supporters and well wishers.

At that time  it was a small mosque. Although it was a cantonment Area. Barracks and huts were existed there covering large area. The family of the Maulana  started residing in the barracks of the khaprial. In the beginning the Foundation stone of the mosque has placed in 1911 / 1329 Hijri by the residents of this place and the soldiers of (129th D.C. Balochistan) the platoon Sagan Baloch. IN the photographs you can see the historical Katba (Inscription). This was the first foundation stone, when the new construction of the Thanvi mosque has started, then in 1960, during the time of excavation this historical foundation stone has discovered.

When the Imamat of the mosque taken by the Maulana Ehtishamul Thanvi, then, one day the soldiers of Baloch Regiment  has disclosed their wishes, that we are the servants and at any time we can be transferred, so it is necessary that you took over the charge of the system of the mosque on permanent basis, so we feel ourselves comfort and become satisfied, whether we are here or not. You may continue this chain. Maulana has accepted the services and by the utmost efforts and struggles and high interest of the Maulana, gave it perpetuity / lasting.

At that time no one can assume that such a small mosque with TIN sheets will become a wonderful master piece. Almighty Allah Paak has gifted the Maulana with spirit of speech. People from long distances without any discrimination of common man and high officials were attended the Jumma Prayer.

Mosque becomes so small and Minber have to place forward, the Minber was taken ahead, because the strength of Nazmazi were so large, whereas the Karachi city was so small, only Burns Road and Pir Ellahi Buksh Colony were existed, remaining areas of city comprises on open fields. Its looked like a jungle, but it was thickly populated. M.A. Jinnah Road which was known as Bander Road, in its vicinity the jungle has existed up to a long distance. In this era the washing of roads has carried out at  Abdullah Haroon Road and Zaibunnisa Street.

Maulana Sahib came to Pakistan in 1947, and till 1960, within 13 years his circle of friends had been extended.

High Officer, businessmen, and the residents has paid their full cooperation and encourage the Maulana, in this way properly construction of the mosque has started.

First of all Maulana has called the pictures of the tombs (Towers) of the Secretariat mosque of the Delhi and the towers has made on the same style with only the difference that the Towers of the Delhi mosque having two white strips and black and white strips are on the tombs of Thanvi mosque. Its tower has been made 100 feet high, at that time such high towers were not existed in Karachi and Pakistan, may be the towers of Shahi Masjid of Lahore. In 1960 Maulana has prepared a plan from the expert engineers of the latest technology, its art of construction is appreciable. It would not be wronged if  it is called a miracle of construction. Pond  is existed at the same place, only change has been made in roof, wide covered area, large open yard, Administration block is near the pond, in which the rooms of Mufti Akmal Sahib, Hafiz Nazeer Sahib and Hazrat Qari Waqullah(R.A.) were existed.

When the construction work of the mosque started than some Envious persons (enemy) has started the conspiracies and encroaching the land by making huts cause increase in the population, then  harm has raised to effect the area of mosque and plan. In such critical time Almighty Allah has mercy upon us and era of President Ayub Khan became. after watching the pollution in the city, issued order to shift the huts, jhuggies and the farm of buffalows to New Karachi and Korangi, therefore the action has been taken and ease has been created for the mosque but some mischievous persons made propaganda that Maulana has vacated the population with the conspiracy of government, whereas such misunderstanding towards Maulana was totally baseless, whereas he was rejected the offers and benefits of the Higher posts.

Watch the huge and large gathering of speech and Jumma Prayer in the picture. During this struggle Maulana said this: “Some times the days are long and some times night are long.”

It is the blessing of Almighty Allah Paak, have solid scene of character that if some necessary to smash any portion then decide the  wages with the labourers, they smashes the wall and pillar but chisel becomes workless and ran away after  leaving the work. Today this mission is maintaining by Maulana Tanveerul Haq Thanvi and he is look for best to excellent.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah Paak, ladies are also shared in construction. One kind lady has constructed a separate room for ladies which is also existed today. Where ladies are performing their worships. Every year in the 27th night of Holy Ramdan, vast gathering of men and women took place that parking is not available at a long distance. People are coming attracted like a moth around the lamp. It is proud for the residents of Lines Area that also have honour that Almighty Allah has awarded such large mosque whereas peaceful environment is available for the worships. Namazis enjoys their worships.

Hazrat Maulana Tanveerul Haq Thanvi prays to Almighty Allah Paak that HE guides the Muslim’s generation and last the mosque forever. Where the environment is available free from politics, quarrels and hypocrisy, in addition to feeling pride,  the residents of the vicinity also appreciate and should not forget the constant struggle to keep alive their traditions. This is an History and the same is heritage, its safety is compulsory and essential upon us.

Beside the Central  Jam-e-Mosque Thanvi, there is a resident of Maulana Tanveerul Haq Thanvi, where Hazrat Maulana Ehtishamul Haq Thanvi (RA) were resided and Masha Allah in the same residence Almighty Allah blesses me 10 descendents after 3, in this way thirteen descents has been awarded out of which 8 sons and 5 daughters and in the same residence Hazrat Khateeb, Mufti Maulana Tanveerul Haq Thanvi as a successor performing his duties and Almighty Allah has blesses him with 4 sons and 5 daughters. It is pray to Almighty Allah Paak that HE keeps  remain the distinction and popularity of this family for ever.

In last we all pay our salutes to this great personality who was the King of preaching, having loving towards the religion, and the adorer of the Almighty Allah Paak  has died on 11th April, 1980 but the history could not forget him till the day of judgment, till the map of Thanvi Mosque existed in the world, Estiham (RA) is alive.  

By Ehtramuddin Khan
Media Advisor.


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